Covid 19

Infection Control Update

Our office observes all ADA/CDC mandated Universal Barrier Precautions.   Universal Barrier Precautions were first mandated shortly after HIV/AIDS outbreak in the 1980s.   They include sterilization processes, plastic coverings for surfaces that come in contact with possible sources of infection during treatment, and personal protection including, gloves, masks, and glasses.  At your appointment you will have your temperature taken by temporal thermometer prior to treatment and asked to do a pretreatment rinse.

Beginning June 27, 2020 we will be using the latest CDC approved pre-rinse.   This is a specially fomulated mixture of hydrogen peroxide and chlohexadeine.     Proven to reduce the oral bioload in clinical trials, we will offer this to every patient before treatment.

We have been questioning each/every patient since we reopened in May.   To date  NO PATIENT has had the Corona infection, no family member (first hand nor removed) member has been infected, and only 2 patients know of someone who in turn knew someone who was diagnosed since th pandemic began.    Our team members and their families are all free of problem.   We hope you and your family are part of this GOOD NEWS!

As future treatment materials become available we will make you aware of our precautions.   Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have when you call the office at 713-784-4050

We wish all our patients good health during this challenging time

J. R. Harden, DDS,  PC

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